While at Mt.Havana

Unique to Mount Havana is the organic garden that exemplifies eco-sustainable processes. We grow a variety of fruit and vegetables that often end up on your plate. We encourage our visitors to stroll through the Villa’s organic gardens and pick your own vegetables and watch the hotel chef prepare a meal just for you.

Mount Havana offers the ideal environment for bird watching where numerous rare birds, both migratory and endemic are to be found in great numbers and can be viewed in their natural habitats.

We have a delightful butterfly garden that is a veritable playground for these beautiful and delicate creatures. Learn to identify some and enjoy their beauty at close quarters.

Besides enjoying the sights and sounds of nature, activities such as trekking, mountaineering, biking, picnics at leisure, camp-outs and open-air sightseeing are also available.

A visit and tour to a tea estate can be arranged and you can even pluck two leaves and a bud and watch the entire process of making pure Ceylon tea leaves.

Fresh milk from our cows is available for you to enjoy, either as a nightcap or with your freshly brewed beverage. Guests can feed the cows and even learn the art of milking a cow.

Located close to the Villa is a small open playground where guests can indulge in a game of cricket, volleyball or even badminton. For guests who like to stay indoors, we have a variety of board games to keep you occupied.

For guests who would like to venture afar, take a train ride and see the countryside from a different perspective. Short day trips can be arranged to places of cultural or scenic interest.

Visit wildlife and bird sanctuaries.

If you feel like teeing off, we can arrange a game of golf at the spectacular Digana Golf Club or the world famous NuwaraEliya Golf Club.

The glorious sight of the sunrise as it gently appears from behind the mountains. The sight of low valleys covered in thick white fog during the day. The incredible blaze of the colour that paints the evening sky as the sun sets and arouses the sounds of the nocturnal creatures

Excursions can be arranged to nearby attractions including Kandy (30 km – 45 minutes drive to the city of Kandy)and NuwaraEliya (only 50 km – 1 .5 hour drive to the city of NuwaraEliya).

Loolecondera Estate

James Taylor migrated to Sri Lanka in 1852 started the first tea garden at Loolecondera Tea Estate in 1865. Some of the original tea plants are still growing in this estate.

Embekke Devale 

Famed for its elaborate woodcarvings and identified by UNESCO as having “the finest products of woodcarvings to be found in any part of the world,” thisDevale was built by a drummer named Rangama and HenakandaBisoBandara, a consort of King Wickremabahu III (1371 AD) who reigned during the Gampola period. The amazing woodcarvings depicts the life and times in the 14th century.

Gadaladeniya Monastery

This ancient monastery is built on a flat rock during the reign of King Buwanekabahu IV in 1344. Built by a south Indian architect, this temple takes on south Indian style.

Lankathilaka Temple

This ancient temple was built in the 14th century by King Buvanekabahu IV. This five-storied temple is built entirely of clay and intricately decorated with motifs comprising flowers, birds, animals and statues of gods.

Kotmale Dam

This large hydroelectric and irrigation dam is the second largest in Sri Lanka. During the drought, ancient submerged temples can be viewed on the banks of this dam.


This rock mountain was discovered by King Buvanekabahu IV in the 14th century. The panoramic view from the top is absolutely stunning. Visit the folk museum on the way out.



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