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Immerse yourself in Mount Havana’s most exquisite paintings by Channa Ekanayake, which adorn the walls, showcasing an array of Gampola’s rich social and cultural heritage. Each masterpiece depicts Sooriyagoda and Gadaladeniya temples and Ambekke Shrine off Pilimathalawa, Bak-Mee Tree in Subadraramaya temple near Balapitiya, Galle, Gane Viharaya, Ganegoda Shrine in the Southern Province and the Dambulla temple.

Mount Havana is a haven for artists and painters who wish to capture watercolor images of the landscape and record their own interpretations of the area’s natural beauty and vibrant colors of the land and sky. As part of the villa’s support for the arts, we supply easels and necessary painting equipment to guests.

About the Artist

The paintings of Channa Ekanayake are multi-faceted. An avid nature enthusiast, he studied Botany and natural sciences meticulously. Being also an ardent traveler, Channa has been on missions to reforest lost trees in public places. As a result of his keen interest in this field, he is able to identify trees at a single glance.