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Kadiyanlena Waterfall
Clean and untouched Kadiyanlena falls is truly an amazing place to visit. It is quite famous among local waterfall hunters and a must see place if you are a nature lover. Kadiyanlena is located in Nawalapitiya, precisely in Kadiyanlena village. This is near Hatton, Nuwara Eliya and Kandy.

Galaboda Waterfall
The Galaboda Ella Fall originates from the Galboda Canal, in the Central Province wet zone. Annual rainfall here exceeds 4500mm, which is the highest rainfall in the island. 60% of the rain coming from the south-west monsoon which turns it into a beautiful cascading waterfall. Galaboda Falls is 30m high but the width ranges from between 3m and 6m, depending on the season. At certain times of year, the water cascades in two streams. Growing in the surrounding woodland is a rare species of orchid and the vicinity is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Among them are 12 species of reptile and four are only found in Sri Lanka.