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Mount Havana has something different to offer. Rich in biodiversity and replete with an abundance of rare endemic plants and trees, it is a place of pure relaxation, peace and quiet.

A perfect getaway from the hectic lifestyles of the business world.

Listen to bird song all day long. Enjoy the fragrances of the countryside that only Mount Havana has to offer. Experience the lifestyles of the local communities. Capture the images of rare endemic birds and butterflies and record on film the sights and sounds unique to this destination. While a visit to the famous Adam’s Peak can be arranged, it is also visible from the swimming pool along with other prominent mountain ranges that add to the beauty of this place.

At Mount Havana, we proudly uphold sustainable living practices with our very own natural forest comprising medicinal and indigenous plants. Our forest has become a haven for small wild creatures that have found their way here. In addition, many varieties of fruit and flowers, both endemic and introduced, can be found growing in the vast gardens of Mount Havana. Nature trails that lead through the estate lets you enjoy the sights and sounds of life on the estate.

At Mount Havana, you can taste the freshest milk from our resident cows, savour bees honey from our bee hives, enjoy tea and coffee from plants grown in the garden, and relish garden fresh organic vegetables and fruits and taste dishes seasoned with spices and herbs picked from our estate. We hope that our best practices will someday encourage others to be eco-friendly and encourage sustainable processes. After all, we must appreciate what we have and save for another day.

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