Cultural/Heritage Tours

Kandy Temple of the Tooth Relic
The Temple of the Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha, Sri Dalada Maligawa, is in the center of the city. It is the most venerated religious place, steeped in cultural heritage, and attracts the highest number . of Buddhist devotees from all over the world. The beautiful, magnificent temple was built by the late King Vimaladharmasooriya I in 1592 AD. The Relic Shrine is approached by a large drawbridge over the moat and through a beautifully decorated frontispiece. A tunnel called “Ambarawa” leads to the main shrine complex, which has a central courtyard surrounded by storied structures.
Lankathilaka Temple
Lankatilaka Vihara is an ancient Buddhist temple situated in Udunuwara. The Kandhis temple was built by King Bhuvanekabahu IV, who reigned from 1341 to 1351 AD. It is a few kilometers from Gadaladeniya Vihara. It is considered the most magnificent architectural edifice created during the Gampola era. The ancient stone scripts (Shila Lekhana) of Lankathilaka temple reveal a considerable amount of vital information relating to the Gampola era. The statue of Buddha in the temple depicts the style of south Indian arts.
Gadaladeniya Temple
Situated in Pilimathalawa, Kandy, the history of the temple goes back to the 14th century. According to historical reports this temple was built in 1344, under the patronage of King Bhuvanekabahu IV, who reigned from 1341 to 1351 A. D., by the Ven. Seelavamsa Dharmakirti. The architecture of the temple was designed following Hindu artistic South Indian styles. On the rock outcrop upon which the temple stands, is a carved inscription regarding the temple’s construction.
Embekke Devalaya

Embekke Temple was built by the King Vikramabahu III of the Gampola Era (AD 1357 – 1374). The devalaya is dedicated to the worship of Mahasen, popularly known as Kataragama deviyo. A local deity called Devatha Bandara is also worshiped at this site. The shrine consists of three sections, the “Sanctum of Garagha”, the “Digge” or “Dancing Hall” and the “Hevisi Mandapaya” or the “Drummers’ Hall”. The Drummers’ Hall that has drawn the attention of visitors to the site, due to the splendid wood carvings of its ornate pillars and high pitched roof. The Embekka Dewalaya possesses a large collection of wood carvings, and no other temple in Sri Lanka displays such a collection. It is located off the Colombo – Kandy main road at Pilimathalawa.

Ambuluwawa Mountain
Ambuluwawa Mountain is considered one of the must visit places in the Gampola area. It can be climbed on foot. Ambuluwawa Mountain is a symbol of religious harmony in Sri Lanka since a Buddhist temple, church, Hindu Kovil and Mosque were built on top. An added attraction is the climb to the top of the dagoba atop the mountain, which gives one a feeling of being in the sky. Spend time in the beautiful landscaped garden and capture some amazing pictures.

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