Kotmale Dam

Kotmale Dam
The Kotmale Dam is a large hydro-electric and irrigation dam. Located at Kotmale, the dam is the second largest hydroelectric power station in Sri Lanka. Construction of the dam began in August 1979 and was completed in February 1985.
Kotmale Hanging Bridge

The world heritage site of Kothmale is the home of the Kothmale Hanging Bridge which is a very popular and unique destination among those who visit Nuwara Eliya. People who like adventure should not miss this place since it provides them with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This place has a very soothing atmosphere, which will give you tranquility as well as the opportunity to explore the surroundings, including the scenic view of Kotmale reservoir, forest, and waterfalls. It has very easy access and can be reached conveniently. It is very exciting to cross this bridge since it always keeps shaking, which adds an adventurous touch to it. All this makes it an adrenaline filled vacation that is sure to set your heart racing. The beauty of this place adds to the whole experience.

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