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Mount Havana: A Hilltop Haven

In today’s fast-paced world, in order to maintain a sense of balance, it is important for us to frequently pull ourselves out of the rat race and take a pause. Every so often, we need a proper break, away from the maddening bustle of work and household responsibilities. If we truly want to relax and recharge, what we need is a change of scenery, a chance to relax, enjoy good food, take a leisurely stroll, splash around in the pool and be soothed by the beauty of nature.

Mount Havana Luxury Boutique Villa is the perfect place for a quiet retreat with family and friends. Located in the cooler climes of Gampola in the Kandy District, this 25-acre estate is lush and green, a soothing balm to our anxious minds. The rolling tea estates that encircle it offer a stunning view, the type of picture featured on postcards that we often find ourselves admiring longingly. Its position atop a hill is a vantage point and on a clear day it is even possible to see Adam’s Peak.

The grounds of Mount Havana play host to a diverse range of flora and fauna. There is a revering forest which has been planted with the specific aim of encouraging wildlife habitation. In it you will encounter many medicinal plants and tree varieties that are endemic to Sri Lanka. The stream that runs through it finds its origin in a natural spring not far from the property. Breathe in the clean, fresh air and enjoy the tranquility of nature as you take a leisurely stroll through the forest.

Stop by the butterfly gardens during your wanderings and be mesmerised by the vivid colours of these beautiful creatures as they flit from plant to plant. Or you can get an early start to your day and go bird watching at the dedicated bird watching hut. Sometimes, you do not even have to step out to enjoy the wildlife. The visiting monkeys frolic about, entertaining guests lucky enough to witness their play.

The villa at Mount Havana consists of five bedrooms, including two suites. Each room is equipped with modern amenities providing you with comfort and luxury in the midst of a truly rustic setting. The chic, sophisticated interior is adorned with many fascinating works of art by the renowned artist-turned-naturalist Channa Ekanayake. These paintings depict landmarks and people in the locality. There is a veranda that overlooks the garden and pool, which is a wonderful spot for both lounging and dining.

The thought of a brief escape from our daily stressors to a place where we can completely unwind, while simultaneously enjoying our creature comforts and the beauty of nature, is most certainly alluring. Mount Havana offers the best of both worlds – the wondrous beauty of nature and indulgent luxury – in one place.

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